LEONARDO BRANT is a documentary filmmaker.
Director of the films DISCART, CTRL-V and COMER O QUÊ? (EAT WHAT?) and the television program called IDADE MÍDIA (MEDIA AGE), he is the author of the book O PODER DA CULTURA (THE POWER OF CULTURE), among others. 

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Documentário de Newton Cannito tem co-direção de Leonardo Brant e apresenta os traços de uma cultura predestinada a inspirar o mundo.

DISCART is a documentary about the social drama of garbage, told by artists and designers who reuse solid waste :

Canal Futura's education and technology program is directed by Leonardo Brant and is in its second season on GloboPlay .

The cultural dimension of food in a documentary by Leonardo Brant available on major streaming platforms.

The impacts of the global film industry on local cultures in a co-production with TV Cultura that celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2021.