Common is a webseries created for the  GIFE (Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies) on the strengthening of civil society organizations. The series was held in the context of the IX GIFE Congress held in 2016 with the aim of bringing society closer together.  issues that are dear to private social investment and that have an impact on everyone's lives.  

Account  with eight chapters, one for each Congress agenda,  and presents, in a simple and light language, the complexity of this  Subject  by means of testimonies from experts in the field, against a backdrop of visual rehearsal scenes  of the city of São Paulo, representing the  public, open, accessible.

On the agenda, subjects such as: alignment of social investment with public policies; expansion of donation at the ISP; evaluation; Communication; transparency and governance; alignment between social investment and the business; social impact businesses; and strengthening civil society organizations.


Direction and script: Leonardo Brant

Images: Felipe Cohen, Leonardo Brant and Leonardo Virno

Editing: Leonardo Brant

Production:  God will give movies

Sponsorship: GIFE